Dosbarth Gwdihw


The reception class are learning about animals/mini beast this term. We have had lots of fun finding mini beasts outside and using the Hwb to make pictographs. Have a look at the ICT wall in the hall to see our work. We also have a new pet in our class to help us learn more about animals.

We Met a Radiographer

Published on Tuesday, 03 December 2013

DSCF6998 2

Our topic this term is People Who Help Us.  We have been learning about the hospital and the people who work there.  Today we visited Newtown Hospital and we met Sue, the Radiographer.

Sue introduced us to the x-ray machine.  She showed us how to take an x-ray photograph using the large equipment.  After that we saw the x-ray pop up on the computer and looked to see if the bones had been cracked or broken.

DSCF6980 2

Sue put a sling bandage on the children.  We had a ride on the hospital bed that went up and down.


Finally, we all had a turn at pushing or riding in a wheel chair.  We had lots of questions for Sue about her job and about our bodies.  We learnt about our bones and how important they are to us and how we can look after them and make them stronger by drinking up our milk.


We had a fun time at the hospital and we send great thanks to Sue for showing us the x-ray room.  Hopefully we won’t need to go back there for real!