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17th January – 23rd January 

Next Week is also ” Saving Energy Week” Lets all do our best to save energy. Here is a couple of ideas for you to do at school and at home –

  • Turn off lights when not being used.
  • Turn off T.V if no one is watching
  • Flush toilets less
  • Only boil enough water in a kettle for what you need.
  • Purchase water butts to collect rain and use for washing cars etc.
  • Find and Fix any leaks
  • Switch lightbulbs to low energy saving bulbs
  • Switch all appliances off when leaving school or home


In Penygloddfa School we are committed to encouraging the children in our school to be as ‘green’ as possible. Our school has recently been awarded the Bronze and Silver Eco Schools awards and we are trying very hard to achieve the green flag.

We have an eco-committee made up of several children who work very hard to encourage everyone in the school to be more conscious of the impacts that their actions have on the world around us. Here are our current Eco-committee and their current aims:

Our Eco Committee members

Our Environmental Review

Our Eco-committee have written an Eco code which helps all of the children and the staff in Penygloddfa to understand what they must do to be ‘eco-friendly. Here is our Eco-Code:

Here are some of the things the eco committee and school do to be more sustainable –

Promotional videos to highlight eco issues  – Don’t Litter Video 

Made their own organic plant food to help be more sustainable

Every class recycle – Plastic, Paper & food waste.

We have our own compost bin, in first school.


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