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Our School vision

At Penygloddfa School we take pride in making memories for each and every child through an inclusive and diverse curriculum, that values each child's views and opinions, promotes independence and puts their well-being at the heart of our school family. We aim for high standards by motivating and inspiring our pupils in a nurturing and caring environment. We are proud of our roots and these will give our pupils their wings to fly high and achieve in life.  


Our Aims At Penygloddfa

  • Every child is happy. 

  • We are happy. 

  • Every child feels safe to thrive as an individual. 

  • We create a safe place for children. 

  • Every child understands the importance of friendships and good relationships.

  • We demonstrate that friendships are important and all relationships are based on trust and respect. 

  • Every child is kind to each other and shows compassion. 

  • We respect each others differences and listen to ideas. 

  • Every child in encouraged to work hard and aim high. 

  • We work hard to ensure high standards. 

  • Every child is supported to develop a healthy mind. 

  • We are always there to support children through highs and lows.

  • Every child is given the skills to persevere and never give up. 

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